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Jaana"Amudha Neram" Jaana

RJ Jaana is the opening batsman of Aahaa FM and her voice enlightens and encourages listeners to quick start the new day with a positive note through 'Amudha Neram'. RJ Jaana takes the listener slowly through the rich tradition and religious sentiments of Tamil Nadu with her comforting tone of voice and accent.

RJ Jaana is the talent that gets the listener captivated to 'Amudha Neram' with the right songs and content.

Sowmya"Aahaa Kaapi Klub" Sowmya

'Aahaa Kaapi Klub' is a fresh morning show begins with the augment of the sun, with RJ Sowmya. Passion has driven Sowmya into Media & is truly relevant with her good sense of humor and the style in which she takes the show. RJ Sowmya brings the right mix of healthy entertainment for all ages with trivia, celebrity chat debates….

The main attraction of 'Aahaa Kaapi Klub' on the first light is the "Karuthu of the country" shared by RJ Sowmya at the end of every hot discussion.

Rajamani"Chinna Maapillai Periya Maapillai" Rajamani

Basically an actor RJ Rajamani is familiar in the silver screen as an actor and also as a script writer assistant director and mimicry artist too.

He creates funny and roaring jokes that he rustles up in his show Chinnai Maapillai Periya Maapillai with a dash of hot news. His style is witty, spontaneous & freaky also. He also takes time to guide our RJ's. He feels that "If you are not using your smile you are like a man with a million dollar in the bank and no cheque book."

Srikanth"Chinnai Maapillai Periya Maapillai" Srikanth

RJ Srikanth is the very happy, talkative, serious and mostly hilarious Chinna Maappilai of Aahaa Fm with his jokes and mimicry; he sure tickles the funny bones to the max.

Mimicry is his passion and this trademark is sure to keep you stuck to the radio. RJ Srikanth is totally cool on and off air and the environment around him is always in good mood…and the laugh riot Chinnai Maapillai Periya Maapillai is complete with him.

Rajeshwari"Golmaal" Rajeshwari

The newest sensation to Aahaa FM clan is RJ Rajeswari, her sense of timing and quick wit makes you giggle and laugh the 2 hrs on 'Golmaal'. She could make just any person think out of the box and be a part of her show.

RJ Rajeswari plays well with words and very cool in building a cheerful setting, so "if u wanna have fun at your cost" jus connect with RJ Rajeswari on 'Golmal'.

Vignesh"Aahaa Naughty Nights" Vignesh

RJ Vignesh is no stranger to Aahaa FM as this young lad has been rocking young guys and gals to his tunes for quite some time. He is a cheerful young RJ with a lot of talent and right energy that keeps the listener on his show.

RJ Vignesh teaches and interacts with his listeners in the most informal way and this makes the show all the more unusual and happening. RJ Vignesh and his show a complete stress buster for all ages.

April 2014